Our strategy describes our plan to maximise shareholder value through leveraging our portfolio of world-class infrastructure assets, to strengthen global supply chains and to generate sustainable economic growth.

As we evolve and live in a more integrated world, we have to constantly adapt to the changing environment and our customers’ needs. Our strategy therefore has to be flexible to the changing dynamics, whilst providing clear guidance on how to achieve our vision.

In 2013, we introduced the concept of the balanced scorecard framework to communicate DP World’s strategy, with the aim of communicating a clear, consistent and shared vision of DP World for a sustainable future. The framework provides measurable guidance and targets for DP World over the medium and long-term, and uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the implementation of the strategy across the portfolio.

DP World’s global strategy road map

Our global strategy is communicated via two avenues: Our Vision, Mission and Values and the DP World balanced scorecard framework. Our Vision, Mission and Values define our purpose, the means to achieve our purpose and the principles that drive behaviour at our Company.

The DP World balanced scorecard framework defines strategic pillars to be implemented across the Company and strategic priorities which are measured against KPIs.

Strategic Pillars

Strategic Priorities