At three Australian terminals, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, we’ve reduced carbon dioxide emissions by replacing fossil fuels used in our vehicles with a biodiesel blend.

Biodiesel for the environment

Our challenge

Climate change affects us all, and we have a responsibility to do what we can to reduce our environmental impact. Reducing our greenhouse-gas emissions is one of our top priorities, and a key component of this is replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon alternatives.

Our solution

We’ve substituted the diesel fuel used by the vehicle fleet at our terminals terminals with a B20 blend (20% mix with normal diesel)

Our results

This switch has resulted in reducing carbon emissions by around 6,411 tonnes and energy by 34,782 Gigajoule per annum across the terminals based on 2012 consumption figures.

As well as producing lower emissions, the new fuel is more efficient, saving approximately 0.2 Litres for every container we move. This further reduces emissions, and leads to significant cost savings.

In addition, the added lubrication that biodiesel provides can reduce wear on engine parts and fuel pumps, increasing the efficiency and longevity of our equipment – with financial and environmental benefits.