A bright idea from our Dominican Republic terminal: changing all its lighting over to LED has reduced energy use and improved working conditions.

Caucedo Terminal: Lighting innovation

Our challenge
Lighting is vital for busy terminals that work day and night. It’s also a big energy user. We’re committed to improving our energy efficiency, while also improving the safety, security, working conditions and the well-being of our people..

Our solution
DP World Caucedo showed strong and innovative leadership by committing to retrofit all its lighting – from administrative buildings to working yards – to reliable, energy-efficient LEDs. Not only do these LEDs make a big contribution to reducing our energy footprint, they also improve the quality of the light conditions for our people.

Our results
The results have been dramatic. The increased efficiency of the LEDs has made an immediate impact on our energy use.

The light appears so clear that you can almost forget you’re working at night, and people feel less fatigued. Everyone from security and riggers to drivers and back office staff have commented on the improved visibility.

The LED lighting has made a significant difference to safety and security, too. Workers’ high visibility clothing and reflective material are much brighter in the new light, while pedestrians have become easier to spot. Security cameras function better with the improved lighting, and staff report feeling safer working in previously dimly lit areas.

Thanks to the better performance and cheaper running costs of the LED systems, we expect this initiative to see a positive return on investment in about 2.5 years.