The best way of proving to people that high visibility (hi vis) clothing is vitally important is to show them…

Disappearing Pedestrian Campaign

Our challenge

In a 24/7 business like ours, work doesn’t stop just because it gets dark. All our facilities are fully geared up for safe night operation, but we need to be absolutely sure our people understand that wearing high visibility clothing is an essential part of the DP World safety culture – and that far from just being useful at night, it can help protect our workers in the daytime too. But saying it is one thing, proving it is another.

Our solution

Our global safety and environment team created a short film called ‘The Disappearing Pedestrian’. It takes place in a typical DP World setting, showing workers in different settings and lighting states – some wearing hi vis gear, and some not.

The film is extremely effective in showing just how much difference hi vis gear makes. Even during the daytime shots the workers without hi vis clothing can hardly be seen, coming in and out of focus depending on the background. In the night shots, they’re almost totally invisible. The markings on the hi vis workers, by contrast, shine bright and clear.

Our results

The film speaks for itself. No one who sees it is ever likely to forget to wear the right clothing again.