We are committed to investing in our people, that is why we are continuously working to create an inclusive workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion month 2016

DP World is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive culture. As part of this, in November 2016, we celebrated Diversity & Inclusion month, when more than 1,000 employees in five regions took part in a range of activities celebrating a culture of diversity and inclusion.

The aim was to encourage employees to learn more about what this means to DP World, how to practice this through their jobs and to celebrate diversity and inclusion at their workplace.

We produced a wide range of resources including an explanatory toolkit, awareness training, mentoring programmes, a development programme for women, social media graphics and posters.

We also ran a photo competition, encouraging employees around the world to submit their best pictures showcasing our diversity.


Take a look at some of the highlights from the month…

DP World Dakar – arranged a women’s football match and had their own Diversity & Inclusion t-shirts made highlighting that DP World encapsulates all races

DP World Caucedo – Created a Diversity & Inclusion mirror

DP World Mundra – showing diversity through the many hands that make up their work force


DP World London Gateway – ‘You cannot put the same shoe on every foot’

DP World Hong Kong – championing age diversity in their work force, showing how knowledge and skills exist across all ages

DP World Callao – demonstrating that they are 100% inclusive!