DP World Callao has been working with suppliers and contractors to align them with our own sustainability commitments and values.

Engaging suppliers in Peru

Our challenge

DP World is committed to protecting the environment, investing in our people, improving safety and building a vibrant, secure and resilient society. We want our suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders to share our values and commitment. This will enable us to have an even greater positive impact.


Our solution

At our Callao terminal in Peru, we’ve been engaging with stakeholders including external truck drivers, other contractors and suppliers.

We place sustainability clauses in all contracts and purchase orders. These are aligned with the principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

We audit contractors to make sure they are complying with areas such as safety and environment, security and labour law. We’ve run workshops for these contractors, looking at areas such as labour law and explaining their responsibilities.

We also invite contractors, suppliers and customers to participate in some of our sustainability activities, in order to enhance their engagement as well as to increase the impact of these activities.


Our results

Suppliers increasingly have sustainability policies aligned with our own. To date, we’ve audited seven permanent contractors, and identified areas for improvement.

Suppliers, contractors and customers have been involved in DP World Callao’s annual 6k pedestrian race – not just as sponsors, but also through their employees taking part in the race. Contactors have also participated as volunteers in our annual beach clean-up. This has led to more external stakeholders identifying with our environmental and social values.