DP World is constantly looking at ways to improve workplace safety and reduce possible harm to the environment. No one knows the details of our workers’ activities better than the workers themselves, so we’ve introduced targeted interactions to better understand and address risk across our operations.

Interactions and engagements

Our challenge

Risk is an expected part of large-scale industrial operations, but it’s something DP World is committed to minimising as far as possible. That means sharing and encouraging a culture of engagement and interaction throughout our business, so we can constantly learn and improve.

Our solution

In Australia and New Zealand, we’ve introduced structured workforce engagement programmes to make sure our people are completely on board with our drive for workplace safety, and to encourage them to contribute their experience to the process.

Our workers know best where, when, how and why accidents are likely to occur. As we gain a better overall understanding of potential injury areas and environmental hazards, we can align our interactions to focus on improving safety and preventing repeat incidents.

These programmes also allow us to demonstrate visible leadership and building a caring culture.

Our results

We completed more than 5,000 interactions in Australia and New Zealand in 2015. Through these structured meetings, our people have provided us with really important input into specific aspects of safety at work and environmental protection, and we’ve taken actions based on this information.

We’ve also started training for supervisors and frontline staff to strengthen this area of work. Increased engagement has also led to greater management visibility, which is an important part of how we believe we should engage with our workforce.