Life is hard for people with a disability in Djibouti, so we’re working in partnership with a local association called Vivre Plus Fort (Live Stronger) to provide support to children and adults affected.

Live Stronger

Our challenge

People with a disability in Djibouti receive little in the way of medical and social support. Our Doraleh terminal wanted to do something to make life easier for them – especially children – and to help them to find work and integrate into society. We also want to challenge attitudes to disability, enabling people with disabilities to work at the terminal. In the long-term, we aim to work with NGOs and government to put in place specialist health infrastructure and support.

Our solution

We teamed up with a local non-governmental association, Vivre Plus Fort, to launch a series of initiatives to support people with disabilities. Our first action was to work with a pharmacy and a company doctor to deliver medication to children and adults. We’re also working on creating work opportunities and training for people with disabilities.

Our results

Every month, 27 people with disabilities – particularly children – are now receiving medication that helps them manage their condition. Our next steps include partnering with Djibouti Telecom to provide 15 women with licences to open up their own phone boxes and giving them the opportunity to develop their own business. We will also be setting up pottery training, so they can develop their skills in this activity and make an income from selling their work.

Our partnership with Vivre Plus Fort is also helping to raise awareness, of how people with disabilities can contribute to society and the economy