Our unique learning institute is an international centre of excellence in research and education, dedicated to equipping people with the knowledge, skills and tools to thrive in today’s port industry.

We never stop learning: DP World Institute

Our challenge

Whether it’s improving productivity, managing people and resources, ensuring the highest safety standards or protecting our environment, highly skilled employees are crucial in our industry. We’re committed to creating learning and personal development opportunities for everyone, and to making the industry an attractive, aspirational sector to work in.

But creating learning opportunities for busy employees spread across six continents, and speaking multiple languages, is quite a challenge…

Our solution

We created the DP World Institute, based at our head office in Dubai, to coordinate our worldwide learning, using the best available methods, tools, expertise and resources. We work with leading international business schools, universities, professional bodies, consultants and in-house experts to design and deliver relevant, focused courses for individuals and organisations.

Expert trainers from the DP World Institute deliver courses all over the world. We also train and support other training providers in many countries to offer courses in local languages. Recently, we started offering selected courses outside DP World, allowing people who work, or want to work in the industry, to develop their skills.

Courses are flexible, so busy professionals can participate alongside their work commitments, wherever they’re based. Increasingly, we’re using a mix of classroom and online learning in order to reach more people, as well as to cut down on carbon emissions from travel. The programmes are action-based, meaning they can be undertaken and applied in the workplace, with greater relevance and impact.

Our results

The number of people taking our courses is growing all the time. In 2014, some 1,724 people attended face-to-face courses – more than twice as many as in previous years. In 2015, employees in 32 countries accessed close to 8,000 online training modules and we trained 1,615 employees on 114 face to face programmes.

Past graduates include numerous senior executives at the world’s busiest container ports.