At our Fremantle terminal in Western Australia, we’ve worked with specialists to ensure the nature of their work doesn’t damage the health and well-being of our operational staff.

Operation Operator well-being

Our challenge

Spending a long time in a static posture – for example while driving – can cause injury. Shift work can also affect staff health and well-being. So we wanted to make sure they were able to take preventive measures to look after their own health.

Our solution

We engaged a chiropractic well-being clinic to work with us. This helped improve understanding of the mechanics of the human body, the demands of shift work and the value of stretching and getting out of static postures.

These subjects are now covered in employees’ induction, training and competency-based assessments. We’ve produced videos and an operator well-being handbook, which covers topics such as diet and fatigue. Posters showing stretching programmes are displayed in every machine.

Our results

Our injury statistics have been continually improving and long-term injuries from static driving have been reduced to zero.

As well as improving our employees’ health and well-being, the programme will reduce the cost of days lost to injury and ill health, as well staff turnover and insurance premiums.