Young people are the future, and we’re committed to investing in their development. In Tung Chung, Hong Kong, our Project Azure is giving disadvantaged young people the chance to shine, and we have been forging strong links between the company and the community since 2008.

Project Azure: Tung Chung

Our challenge

Tung Chung is a fast-growing community on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, close to our CT3 terminal. Many young people have recently emigrated here from mainland China. We wanted to help integrate them into the community and develop the skills they need to unleash their potential.

Our solution

We’ve helped by sponsoring a variety of projects and volunteering our time.

We worked with local community groups to launch Project Azure, which helps young people to identify and develop their talents. The project has provided training in areas such as photography, magic, multimedia and performance.

We also aim to enrich the lives of underprivileged children through initiatives such as a toy and book library and our “Dreams Come True” project, which organises outings to see the world outside their own community.

Project Azure has also supported women’s groups, for example by providing training to recent immigrants. And we’ve also supported events such as a community food bank and lunches for older people.

Our results

After several years of joint effort, DP World is now a recognised name in the Tung Chung community and in July 2015 we were awarded the Social Caring Company Award for our long-term commitments. We are a symbol of what a sustainable and responsible business stands for.

Many of the young people who’ve passed through Project Azure have made a name for themselves in their professions, while many others have gained confidence and social and practical skills. Meanwhile, a group of women who received training through the project now run their own online handicraft business.