We’re taking a stand against domestic violence by raising awareness of the issue among our workforce in Australia. We’re proud to have received accreditation for our efforts from White Ribbon Australia, the only national, male led campaign to end men’s violence against women.

Tackling Domestic Violence

Our challenge

Domestic violence is far too common, and all too often it’s not reported or even talked about. Overwhelmingly violence is committed by men against women.
Most of our workforce is male and we want to encourage them to be leaders in opposing and preventing violence against women. We also want to create a culture supportive of those affected by domestic violence.

Our solution

DP World Australia sought accreditation from White Ribbon, which is a male-led organisation campaigning to end violence against women. This seemed most appropriate in the context of our male-dominated workforce.

To achieve the accreditation, we had to provide evidence of how we were meeting 15 measures. This included demonstrating the work we’d done to introduce a domestic violence policy, communicating the issue, providing workplace training and publicising our stance on domestic violence, among other issues. Our policy includes support such as flexible working arrangements and time off work for employees who are victims of domestic abuse. The whole process took 18 months.

Our results

So far, our work on domestic violence has reached 1,800 employees, male and female. Staff surveys at the beginning and end of the accreditation process show an increased awareness of the issue and why we were tackling it. Domestic violence is now addressed in all staff inductions, and we’ll continue to educate our employees about the issue.

The recommendation provided by the assessors of the accreditation criteria is that DP World Australia become a demonstration business for other employers in Australia.