We’ve created a simple but thorough checklist process to ensure safe, operational activities on-board all of our vessels.

Vessel inspections

Our challenge

Safety is at the forefront of how we do things at DP World – but in the kind of large-scale industrial activities, which take place on the vessels moored at our terminals, there are risks. The challenge is to minimise these as far as possible at all times using practical controls.

Identifying the minimum safe working conditions for our employees and contractors is vital to ensure everyone goes home safe and equipment in not damaged. Each year we have thousands of staff boarding ships to conduct routine activities – so what’s the most effective way of ensuring they are covering all the bases on our customer’s vessels?

Our solution

Every ship is different, but many of the most important safety measures are universal. Using the collective knowledge we’ve built up over decades of working with ships from all over the world, we have created a Vessel Inspection Checklist covering all the key areas on board vessels that can impact our workers safety.

During 2014, we updated the Vessel Inspection Checklist, in line with International Labour Organisation requirements. It aims to ensure our employees are safe while carrying out vessel operations and identifies minimum requirements to operate safely while aboard. Some terminals have additional requirements due to local legislation or port regulations. The checklist is completed in the presence of a vessel representative and before any work is carried out. The checklist is also supported by a short video that we can share with our customers and their representatives, and indeed anyone else keen to learn more about safe ship operation.

The video covers themes including Access, Edge Protection, Equipment, Lighting/Illumination/Noise, and Ships’ Gear/Cranes. Each of the areas is broken down into specific safety points to check, and remedy if necessary. The graphic format means visual examples of problem areas can be given, or recommended safety margins visibly highlighted, maximising the practical impact of the points covered.

Our results

This is a simple approach to a crucially important area, and simple approaches often have the best results. Our staff take the time to check within the areas where they will be working using our DP World Vessel Inspection Checklist to ensure the work environment is safe. The video has been circulated to all our terminals and it is part of our standard practice.