2013 Dividend
DP World announced a 2013 dividend of 23 US cents per share. This comprised a 10% increase in the ordinary dividend to 23 US cents per share. There was no special dividend given the relatively low reported gain on separately disclosed items.
The 2013 dividend was paid to shareholders on the relevant register at the close of business on 6th May 2014.
Dividend Payment

For shareholders with NIN accounts, dividends are paid either via your IVESTOR Card or postal cheque.IVESTOR Cards:

  • Any shareholder who is holding an iVESTOR card will receive the dividend on their card on the dividend payment date
  • The IVESTOR card is UAE dirham (AED) denominated and therefore dividends will be credited in AED at the applicable conversion rate on the payment date
  • If you do not hold an iVESTOR card the dividend will be paid by cheque (see below)

Cheque payments:

  • Shareholders who do not have an IVESTOR card will receive their dividends via a cheque to their registered address . Please allow up to 2 weeks for cheque payments
  • Cheque payments will be issued in AED Dirham after converting the USD dividend amount at the applicable conversion rate on the payment date
  • Cheques will not be posted for an amount that is less than AED 5.00 in value. Anyone whose dividend payment is less than AED5.00 can collect their dividend cheque from DFM after submitting a request to DFM and providing proof of identity
  • Shareholders must ensure they have updated and provided their correct address information with DFM
  • Shareholders can request new cheques if the original issued cheque is lost or expired. Such request shall be made to DFM along with necessary proof of identity

DFM Dividend Services
+971 4 305 5555

Broker Accounts

For shareholders who hold shares via a broker (i.e do not have a NIN) your dividend will be paid through your broker in a method elected by you. Please contact your broker directly for any dividend queries or to update your details.

Dividend Payment History

DP World has paid an annual dividend to shareholders since listing in 2007. To calculate your current and prior dividend amounts please refer to the dividend calculator located below.


2013: US 23 cents per share*

2012:  US 21 cents per share plus a special dividend of 3.0 cents per share*
2011:  US 18.7 cents per share plus a special dividend of 5.3 cents per share*
2010:  US 0.86 of a cent per share
2009:  US 0.82 of a cent per share
2008:  US 0.69 of a cent per share
2007:  US 1.33 of a cent per share

*DP World undertook a 1 for 20 share consolidation on 19 May 2011 reducing the number of issued shares from 16.6 billion to 830 million. Alongside this, DP World’s share price multiplied by 20 times from 0.685 cents to $13.70. Accordingly, from 2011 dividends have been adjusted to reflect the new share valuation.


Dividend Calculator

Dividend Calculator

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