Tianjin Port, the largest man-made sea and river port in mainland China, is located to the west of Bohai Bay, in the Pacific Ocean. The port is an important link in the transportation system connecting Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

Tianjin Port is only 160km southeast of Beijing and forms a natural catchment area for economies based around the capital city. The port facility includes a 5 km squared Free Trade Zone within the port area, which transformed Tianjin into an important transport hub as well as an industrial centre. The main industrial sectors in the area include petrochemical industry, textiles, car manufacturing and mechanical industries.

Tianjin Orient Container Terminal,
TOCT Complex,
Xingang Tanggu,
China, 300456
+ (86) 22 2570 8800

Berths (no.) 4
Depth Alongside (m) 14
Terminal Area (ha) 47.9

Danny Chen, Managing Director Danny Chen, Managing Director