DP World Brisbane’s facilities are located on the mouth of the Brisbane River. The Port of Brisbane is the largest port in Queensland and presently the fastest growing port in Australia. DP World Brisbane is a modern terminal offering a full range of electronic business support to clients including electronic customs import release of cargo, electronic data interchange (EDI) reporting and web browser-based information services. The terminal remains committed to ensuring high standards of safety, compliance with maritime transport security regulations and excellent customer service.

DP World’s terminal has excellent road and rail transport links from the facility. The Brisbane Multimodal Terminal (BMT) is the link between terminal, road and rail in Brisbane and is ideally located behind the container terminal. The dual-gauge rail link and location of the BMT makes the movement of large volumes of cargo into and out of the port by rail possible.

As part of the lease renewal of 20 years with a 20 year option, and to cater for future growth, DP World Brisbane have committed to a major investment program, with the most significant investment a change of mode at the terminal. The change of mode will make more effective and efficient use of terminal space.

DP World Brisbane
Fisherman Islands
Port Drive
Port of Brisbane
+ 61 7 3895 9222

Berths (no.) 14
Depth Alongside (m) 14.5
Terminal Area (ha) 36

Glenn Wayne,DP World Australia, General Manager Operations, Brisbane terminal Glenn Wayne,DP World Australia, General Manager Operations, Brisbane terminal