DP World Callao is a greenfield terminal in the port of Callao, approximately 15km from the capital of Peru, Lima. In 2009 the Port of Callao handled approximately 1.1 million TEU, most of it using ships’ cranes. Construction of Phase One of DP World Callao began in April 2008. The terminal commenced operations during second quarter of 2010. It comprises a 21ha facility (mostly reclaimed from Callao harbour) with two container berths, six super-post-panamax gantry cranes, 18 RTG’S and a number of auxiliary handling equipment.

During its first year of operations (2011), DP World Callao handled in excess of 1 Million TEU throughput and about 71% of total container traffic in Peru. The terminal boasts world class standards for efficiency and productivity (currently averaging more than 30 gross moves per hour per crane), and is ranked as the top container terminal facility in South America by several of its shipping line customers. As a result, DP World Callao has positioned itself as the undisputed Gateway for Peru’s import and export container traffic, as well as an interesting point for regional transshipments.

DP World Callao - "Muelle Sur"
Av Manco Capac 113
Callao 1

Berths (no.) 2
Depth Alongside (m) 16
Terminal Area (ha) 25

Gerard van den Heuvel, General Manager Gerard van den Heuvel, General Manager